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Marie-Bernarde College now proudly offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (with top 7 in Nursing Board Exam year 2008) with the Objective of producing highly skilled & globally competitive nurses, far exceeding the standards and mediocrity as MBC is set to offer more courses in the field of health & sciences consistent to its noble mission of providing only the best to its Clientele.

The school proudly offers also LET program, Graduate in Midwifery, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in HRDM and Marketing Management and Bachelor of Secondary Education with majors in Biological Science, English, Physical Science and Mathematics.




1. Entrance Exam

2. Submission of credentials

3. Advising/ Evaluation

4. Registration form issuance

5. Assessment of fees

6. Dean signature

7. Registrar Signature

8. Cashier payment

9. Student Number Issuance

10. Listing/ Class cards

11. School and Library IDs

12. Physical Exam 



1. Present clearance & class cards for evaluation and issuance of enrollment slip and pre-assessment form

2. Fill up your registration form

3. Assessment of fees

4. Present your registration form for approval by the Dean and Registrar

5. Proceed to the cashier for payment of fees

6. Physical Examination

7. Claim class cards